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your Hvar wedding planner

As Croatia’s premium destination wedding planner since 2006, I pride myself in handcrafting distinctive weddings for a selective and limited group of clients from around the globe.
I run a small operational think-tank team, that can be charming and romantic, logical and matter-of –fact, creative and innovative.
Vertigo Events is probably the only wedding planning agency in the country that doesn’t work with just any venue that has a space to hold a wedding. Our own working relationship with vendors, combined with feedback from our past clients, provide a strong direction during selecting process.

I don’t offer different packages, the only service I offer is the full planning service, which is exactly that – a full service package for the couple that wants the fun of bringing their wedding to life, with very little work from their side.
The couples are involved in the budget drafting and vendor selection, and from then on, they are expected to review creative and artistic decisions only, while I do all the legwork and behind the scenes planning, right through to execution on the day.


I’ve organized wedding all over Croatia, but I’m particularly proud of putting Hvar on the wedding map and introducing it to thousands of guests from all over the world.
I truly believe Hvar is that one place where without much effort, everyone can experience the best Croatia has to offer, the old, the new, the cleanest sea, the best food and wine…. The unforgettable memories.
Because I’m lucky (and because of lots of hard work), Hvar is now my base and I would be very happy to hear from you if you plan on celebrating your wedding on the island!

Once upon a time, before I became a wedding planner, I…
worked in peacekeeping missions in Croatia and East Timor

My favorite travel destinations are…
Austria for the mountains, and The Philippines for the friendliness, food and relaxation

When I have a few free hours I will…
Jet-ski around island, swim and enjoy a picnic on a secluded beach

If I was not a wedding planner, I would be
interior designer and 3D visualizer

I don’t like half job or taking over, instead I…
Enjoy starting from nothing and bringing it to life!